MSCYPAA XXIV host is working hard to outreach our August 2020 conference in Framingham. We want to reach as many new comers and AA’s as possible! Check out our calendar where to find us next!

Does your home group not know what MSCYPAA is? Are you hosting an AA related event where we may volunteer to be of service?

If the event is on the calendar, someone from host has committed to attending and will be there accepting pre registrations for our conference and/ or our annual camping trip. Pay in person to save $$ on internet processing fees !!

MARCH 20, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE: (as of 4/4/2020)
MSCYPAA host members are working hard to create an online version of this game where we can practice social distancing from the comfort of our own homes using Zoom. Please bare with us while we work the logistics out.

We surveyed 30 something host members..
What is the # 1 game show the people want a chance to play?

Please take a moment to answer a survey that will assign a point value to our game. There are no wrong answers and its okay to have fun with it!
All answers are 100% anonymous.

  • Meeting at 730pm, hosted by Rockland Young People.
  • 3 Goddard Ave, Rockland YP. online zoom meeting.
  • Coffee, water, snacks provided by MSCYPAA XXIV host. yourself
  • Game to start promptly at 9pm.
  • Actual prizes to be won!
  • Cost: free to watch, 5$ per person to play (teams of 5)