COVID-19 UPDATE: (as of 4/4/2020)
MSCYPAA understands completely the growing number of concerns that the annual camping trip may or may not occur. Rest assured plans are still going forward and there has been no cancellation. We pray by this time the curve of cases will have flattened and we can hold our outdoor event MSCYPAA follows the state guidelines enforced by the government. For any reason said guidelines state we may not go forward then people who have registered will be refunded 100% according to their method of payment.

We appreciate everyone’s support and rest assured MSCYPAA will be 100% transparent in our communication if the event will need to be cancelled. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

MSCYPAA has an annual tradition of camping at Emerald Lake State Park in East Dorset, Vermont. During this weekend long camping trip you can look forward to campfire meetings, a swim (or a jump) into the quarries, and even a special meeting held at our A.A. founders home, Bill Wilson’s house. This is a can’t-miss weekend for an unbelievable fellowship experience

WHEN: June 12-14, rain or shine!
WHERE: 65 Emerald Lake Ln. East Dorset, Vermont (sites #50-69)
CHECK IN TIME: between 2pm – 9pm
CHECK OUT TIME: 11am Sunday – June 14, 2020
QUIET HOURS: 10pm – 7am. there are 49 other sites that are rented to the general public. Please be respectful as our behavior may be the only version of the Big Book someone may see.
COST: $21 online, $20 cash (we attend and host many events including meeting raids throughout the year; check out our calendar HERE where to find us next!)
This price is for the whole weekend, even if you show up Saturday and only stay for one night.


MYSCYPAA XXIV has reserved 19 campsites; all adjacent, furthest from the rest of the “general public” campsites AND close to bathrooms/ showers. Sites are a first-come, first-serve and can fit 3-5 tents on each site. So, if you want to squad up with 15 of your friends on the same site COME EARLY (2 pm Friday).


  • DO. NOT. BRING. YOUR. OWN. FIREWOOD. packaged log fire starters are okay, but it’s not okay to transport firewood across state lines.
  • Wood is for sale at the from gate of the campsite. if they sell out, there are also locals that sell wood along the roads of E. Dorset. You will probably pass 5 stands on your way to Dunkin Donuts.
  • BRING QUARTERS the showers are coin operated. more quarters = more shower time.
  • each of the 19 campsites come equipped with metal grates to place over the fire and cook on top of.

We encourage each attendee to pack their own cooler as this is a BYOFood weekend.
PS: the local diners nearby are FIRE


Friday 6/11 – usually at dusk at the host campsite; more info TBD
Saturday 6/12Bill Wilson’s House more info TBD


Host members are working hard to plan a program for us all to enjoy.
For now, here is a list of fun things you can do at your leisure nearby!

  • Swimming
  • Fishing (bring what you need)
  • Quarries
  • Pay respect to Bill Wilson and His Wife’s gravestone


Registering and paying in advance for this trip allows your host staff to plan in advance their expected turn out rate. We want to be accommodating!

Please use the form below to register and pay through our secured web portal.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please Email we will get back to you shortly!
Thank you for letting us be of service! – South Shore Host MSCYPAA XXIV