In the fall of 1984, the Boston ICYPAA (International Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous) Bid Committee was meeting every two weeks, working to get ICYPAA to come to Massachusetts. People were coming in from all over the state, and they decided it would be a great idea to start a Mass. State conference. There was a crew from Worcester who came to the bid meetings and thought that they could handle the task. They went back to Worcester and rounded up some more people who began to meet every two weeks to put together the first MSCYPAA.

The Hotel Committee looked at a couple of places, and decided to book the conference at a hotel that wasn’t even built yet. It was still a hole in the ground! As the year went on, they prayed the hotel would get built. They worked together (leaving their egos at the door) and everything began to fall into place. The committee was a great bunch of people who worked together for their primary purpose: the conference. They worked the steps, traditions, and concepts to the best of their ability without any interference from outside people. The first Massachusetts State Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous was held in Westboro in 1985 and went off with a BANG! The hotel was beautiful; the program was fresh; people were excited; and the general AA population was finally accepting young people in AA. There have been fourteen conferences since the first committee met in 1984. The 14th MSCYPAA was held in 2000 in North Andover. The theme was Carrying the Message into the New Millennium.

Ironically,MSCYPAA XV was not held until 2011 in Cambridge with the theme Restored to Sanity. Ultimately, the 10 year hiatus has been attributed to God’s will. However, the real responsibility lies in the absence of commitment of the 2001 host committee, the then current advisory council, and the young people’s AA community at large. Following the 2010 NECYPAA in Boston, the growing base of young people in Massachusetts conceived the idea of bringing back MSCYPAA. This bore fruition in the 2011 MSCYPAA XV in Cambridge.

Gratefully, through love and service, and a reliance on a Higher Power of our understanding, we, the young people of Massachusetts AA, have been given another opportunity to carry the message that was so freely given to us.